Category: Accomplishments

718 Pokemans Get

Pokedex Completed. Again.

Another generation, another Pokedex completed. 718 this time around. Not all of them were caught all over again. Many were brought up from my previ...


New Website!

I got a new design and blog ready! Gone is the WordPress site and in comes the modules my company uses. I still need to iron out a few details and ...


The Crap I Eat on a Daily Basis

It's a wonder I’m not dead yet.


Pokemon Black Trainer Card

Ah, yeah! After months of slogging through the Battle Subway and trying countless combination of teams, I finally managed to get the ultimate rewar...


Posted New Worlds Apart

The latest chapter of Worlds Apart is now live and can be found here. Enjoy! In gaming news, I finally managed to get through Metroid: Other M on t...


Dragon Quest VIII Finished

Yet another reason why Fighter's Pride didn't get much work done on it. I've basically been playing this game non-stop, just like with FF12. Well, ...


Completed Final Fantasy XII

Finally did everything that needs doing in FFXII. I clocked over 150 hours into this thing with only Pokemon beating it out in terms of playtime. H...


Currently Playing

So I’ve gotten back into playing Chrono Trigger with Pokemon on the side. Funny thing is that I noticed that the game will be re-released on ...


120 Stars in Super Mario Galaxy

I finally got 120 stars in this game! I had purchased it last year and beaten the main game but then put it away to concentrate on others. However,...