Wayland Cohocton Central School

My elementary, middle school and high school all rolled into one building. By the time I graduated the school was the size of a small college campus.

When going through school I originally planned to major in architecture. I had a promising start in shop class and built a pair of teller stations, like you would find at a bank, that are still used at the school to this day. I was one of the team leaders and spent many after school periods working on them. Then, I suddenly decided that I wanted to focus on a career that dealt with computers in some way. I'm not sure what was the deciding factor; I just figured that computers would be a good thing to get into.

I was more active in sports during this time to. I was considered a "runner" since I was on the cross-country, swimming and track and field teams. I was on the varsity team for each one and managed to make all-star and Weagman's athlete of the month several times. Unfortunately, I never was able to get a sectional patch in any of the events I entered.