Video Games

Ever since I went to a friend's house for a sleep over and I tried out his Nintendo Entertainment System I've been hooked on video games. I've often wondered what things I've could have done with my time and money if I'd never gotten into video games and the answer I came up with was this. If I hadn't gotten into video games I would have found another hobby that would have consumed me just as much. Considering other, more unsavory things I could have gotten into instead I think I turned out okay with my choice.

Anyway, I've been playing video games for decades and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I just have to remind myself to take repeated brakes and get out of the house every now and then. It's just another form of entertainment and many consider it an art form especially with the advances in hardware constantly being developed.

My favorite type of game are Role Playing Games (RPG). Generally, these contain the longest and most complex stories which is a big draw for me. I'm also something of a collector and must get everything I can in a video game to get that sense of completion. RPGs usually have several side-quests to keep me occupied and searching every secret out. Below are some of my favorite games in this genre:

  • Pokemon Series
  • Final Fantasy Series
  • Dragon Quest Series
  • Chrono Trigger Series

I also like games that I can pick-up and play without having to go through several hours of story. Platformers, action, adventure and a few first-person shooters are great to just turn on and immediately start playing. A few of my favorites are:

  • Super Mario Series
  • Legend of Zelda Series
  • Metroid Series
  • Grand Theft Auto Series