So I’ve gotten back into playing Chrono Trigger with Pokemon on the side. Funny thing is that I noticed that the game will be re-released on the Nintendo DS in a few months. What a coincidence. That’s a drag since I was hoping that it would be released on the Wii so that I could download it for a lot less money. Oh well. Good news though is that I successfully chained a shiny Gligar this morning on my Pokemon Diamond game! It only took me all summer to finally do it. For those not in the know, shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that are different in color than their normal color. They are extremely rare and the methods to getting one are tough and frustrating. Here's a picture to show the difference:

Normal Color Shiny Color
Normal Color Gligar Shiny Color Gligar

In healthier news I've been going to the YMCA again. They had it closed last week and I can feel all the pounds that were added on while I was laying around. Gotta sweat up a storm to get it all off.

Also, my company will be going out for company golf next week. That'll be fun. We usually play best ball where the group plays the ball with the best position to the hole. It makes the game move along and we’re not stuck waiting for others to hit or putt all the time. I'll be sure to post about it once it’s over.

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