State University of New York Alfred State

The first college that I attended. It was here that I decided that I would concentrate more on academics than sports. Sports had been an important part of high school but now that I was actually paying for my education I didn't want to chance getting behind in my studies.

I majored in Computer Arts and Science where I was expected to create art both in a studio and on the computer. I didn't have much interest in the studio part mainly because I didn't have much drawing experience or skill. However, I soldiered on since I needed to do it to pass. The computer part is where I got most of my current skills from. I learned a great deal about the Adobe and Macromedia products as well as getting into 3-D animation towards the end of the semesters. Even though I rarely get into 3-D animation anymore I still use the knowledge that I had gained here to this day.

I also got the chance to enroll in a class in next door college neighbor, Alfred University. I took Japanese and it was one of the most enjoyable and difficult classes I have ever taken. I met some interesting people though and was able to get into my first club, the Anime Club, through this class. Even through it was fun I don't think I'll be taking anymore classes since memorizing all the words and symbols was tedious and boring. If I ever need to learn more of the language, I might try the Rossetta Stone software instead.