Educational Achievements

Here are a list of projects that I created while at RIT and Alfred State.

Adobe/Macromedia Director

  • Pong game - One of my favorites. It's a pong game using characters from one of my favorite anime shows. You control the character on the right and as the "ball" bounces back and forth it gets faster. Get the ball through the other character seven times to win.
  • Base Converter - A simple calculator that takes a number entered and changes it to its equivalent in binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. I actually still use this calculator from time to time.
  • Submarine - A project that dealt with object detection. Click on a submarine and it will become the active one. Use the arrows to move it around, the gauge to lower and raise the speed and the periscope to lower and raise the periscope.
  • Train Set - Click on the various tracks to build a complete train set. Then set the train on the track and let it run. Be careful or the train might crash!
  • Dancing Godzilla - You can record a dance routine for the Godzillas to perform. Choose record then click on the various moves then play it.
  • Morphing - Another object detection lesson. Click on one of the images then use the arrows to change its size or give it a random color.

Adobe/Macromedia Flash

  • Bubbles - An exercise to create self generating and random bubbles on the screen.
  • Car - Similar to the Submarine project, this deals with a car and moving it around.
  • Drawing - This exercise created simple drawing tools. It's like a very primitive image editor.
  • Dancing Water Drops - The first Flash project I created. Just click on the different drops to perform a different routine. It has a lot of sentimental value.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Final Images - The following images were created using Photoshop.