Rochester Institute of Technology

My most recent college experience and where I solidified my career options. At first I was intent on being a computer generated images (CGI) creator but shifted gears to a more general IT field. I majored in IT - New Media which is the liberal arts of Information Technology. It gave me a broad field of options to learn in and has served me well in concentrating in specific fields such as web based development.

While at RIT I made more use of the campus resources than I did at Alfred State. I joined the Martial Arts and Electronic Gaming Society (EGS) in my first year to get away from my room and computer for a while. I finally made a full commitment to the Anime Club where I was exposed to more shows than I could keep track of.

RIT also had an excellent co-op program where I could actually work for a company as a temporary employee. It gave me job experience before I was even in the work force. I was able to complete my co-op through Syracuse Research Corporation and worked in their Corporate Communications department. The problem I ran into was that even co-op jobs were extremely competitive among the rest of the RIT student body. Even with RIT's impressive job finding resources it was difficult to find someplace to take me in. Still, it helped me with my job search and interview skills when I finally did enter the "real world."