I finally got 120 stars in this game! I had purchased it last year and beaten the main game but then put it away to concentrate on others. However, I brought it back out this summer to give it another go. I also had to get away from Pokemon for a while (that will be another post for another day).

It was a long and often frustrating experience. The game starts out easy enough but the later stages are brutal. I had thought Super Mario 64 was tricky but this game really tested my platforming skills. The hardest parts were probably the comet challenges, especially the purple ones. They make you collect 100 purple coins and you either have to look in every corner of the stage or collect them in a certain amount of time. The worst were the stages that had you on moving platforms and if you missed ONE COIN you had to start all over again!

I somehow got through it all though. Now I get to play through the game ALL OVER again as a special character. I may have to take a break from it though so that I don't burn myself out. Back to Pokemon it is.

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