Author: Reggie Stephens


Arizona Vacation

Details of my Christmas vacation to Arizona.

718 Pokemans Get

Pokedex Completed. Again.

Another generation, another Pokedex completed. 718 this time around. Not all of them were caught all over again. Many were brought up from my previ...


New Website!

I got a new design and blog ready! Gone is the WordPress site and in comes the modules my company uses. I still need to iron out a few details and ...


I'm Back From BronyCon!

Actually, I've been back for a few days, but only just now got my pictures off my phone. Find them in the gallery! Enjoy! Made it there and back sa...


A Message About the Darker Side of the Internet

A more serious post than I normally put out but this video has a great message that more people should see about the Internet and the unpleasant th...


Going to BronyCon

I got talked into making the trek to Baltimore by my online buddy, John Perry. I'll be heading down early August and be down there the whole weeken...


Update on Writing

It's been a while since I posted here and I really have no good excuse. I've been busy and just haven't had the drive to make a blog. But, to let y...


The Crap I Eat on a Daily Basis

It's a wonder I’m not dead yet.


Picture Perfect Pony

A completely fan made video from the music to the animation. It's amazing. Now watch!


Bloggady Blog

Got a couple of things to post. First, I have a new short story that crosses over ponies and martial arts so if you're interested, go check them ou...


I've Got a Weird One For Ya

Today's fanfic involves a crossover with MLP:FiM and Homestar Runner. Yeah. I went there. It's a short one so check it out at or fan...


The Ponies Keep Coming

They are in my brain and they need to get out! This one deals with the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they try to earn their cutie marks. Go read it here ...


New My Little Pony Fanfiction

The ponies. They got me again. I should be working on Worlds Apart, but, like always, I get distracted by something and can't stop until it's finis...


Trixcord is Finished

Trixcord is now done! It was a fun time writing it and I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Go ahead and read it here and here! Now that th...


Trixcord is here!

Got the newest Trixcord chapter, as promised! Go read! At Fanfiction and FiMFiction. Enjoy!