Actually, I've been back for a few days, but only just now got my pictures off my phone. Find them in the gallery! Enjoy!

Made it there and back safe and sound! But that's no fun to hear, so here are some highlights from the weekend.

First, big thanks to John Perry for convincing me to go in the first place. Without him I would be sitting at my desk at work right now. It was great hanging out with you! I hope me being on my 3DS collecting StreetPasses didn't annoy you. Be sure to check out John's blog post on the con later tonight. He took notes throughout the whole thing and will have a much more detailed account than myself.

Got to say that it was a wonderful experience. I got to meet fellow Bronies I never would have thought to meet. I can't remember all of you but some stand-outs include Wanderer DCap'n ChryssalidObselescenceCouchCrusaderkitsAquamanPav FeiraAlexstrazsa, and last but not least, The Descendant. Thanks for the raven, T.D.! He's got a special place at my work desk.

If I missed any names, I'm terribly sorry. I'm doing this off of memory and that's never reliable. So in case you don't see your name above, it was still a pleasure meeting you!

Plenty of stuff to see and do at the con. I even got some swag for memory's sake! A few things for the family and a comic. If there was one disappointment, it was that there were only a few micro-comics available and all were very expensive. I was hoping to find more and get a nice set to read over but not this time. I'll contend myself with the compilation books when they come out.

That's about it for me. Again, check Mr. Perry's blog for much more. That's it from me!

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