Man, it's amazing how a whole month can go by and I suddenly realize I haven't updated in all that time. But you don't want to hear excuses, you just want to read the next part. So here it is.

I'm not very proud of this one. I had a heck of a time working on it. Not because it was particularly difficult (well, a little) but because I had very little interest in this part. I don't find Ranma's part of the story very interesting myself but maybe you will think differently. That's one of the reasons why I brought in Rouge who isn't much used in fanfiction. I'm hoping that her presence will make things more interesting.

Shampoo's part I have very little trouble working on. It's all largely original from the canon and I find it more exciting. Plus, I've got her parts mostly planned out which makes it easier for me to get my ideas down on paper, so to speak. Ranma's sections? Not so much. Hopefully things will get easier as I get more into the story.

The next part will feature Shampoo again which has me excited. Things should pick up again there. Stay tuned!

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