I haven't been to this con for over three years now but I happen to see a post about it in my emails from the RIT Alumni Union and decided to check it out. Wow, has it gotten so much bigger from the last time I was there.

In fact, every time I go back to the RIT campus, I always see something new. That place is like a miniaturized version of Dubai; there's always construction going on. Well, if they've got the money to make it, why not, huh?

Back to the con. More than half of the people there dressed up as either a anime or video game character. If you can think of the character, it was there. Many of them were really impressive and I have some of their pictures in the gallery. Check it out!

What was probably my biggest take away from this event though was finally finding people who actually play Pokemon! I've been looking for a group for years and the best that I could find were people who played the card game and sometimes brought the video game. Well, that problem has been solved since a group regularly gets together each week to play so I've got something to look forward to.

It was a good day but it tired me out something fierce. I'll probably be sleeping it off for the rest of the week. However, it was worth getting out there. Check out my pictures and tell me what you think!

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