I've been seeing a lot of nostalgic and top tens of the decade and it got me thinking of what I've done the last ten years. Quite a bit once I thought about it. In no particular order:

  1. Graduated High School
  2. Graduated from two colleges
    1. Alfred State University of New York
    2. Rochester Institute of Technology
  3. Worked at several jobs until my current company that I've stayed with for three years
  4. Built my own website
  5. Started a fanfiction that I'm nearly done with
  6. Put to rest several video games that had haunted my childhood (I'm looking at you, Blaster Master!)
  7. Lived largely self-sufficiently

And a whole bunch of stuff in between. I think I've been pretty busy. So here's to another decade of me being awesome.

And yes, I know the new decade doesn't officially start until 2011 but that just doesn't sound as good. So there!

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