Phew! Never thought I'd take so long to get the next chapter out. A combination of Pokemon Platinum and very tricky scenes to write contributed to this not getting done on my semi-regular two week release schedule. I basically did an all nighter yesterday to get it posted in the early morning. However, it's here and I hope you enjoy.

Speaking of Pokemon, I've had a change of heart and am now planning to go to the Pokemon Tournament being held nearby Philadelphia. I figured that I need to go to one of these at least once and it's not too daunting of a drive. Plus, I can get a shiny Milotic so that soothes the pain. My brother might even go with me but that hasn't been decided yet.

What this means is that I probably wont be able to focus on Fighter's Pride until the event is over. I've got three weeks to raise a team and I'm planning to concentrate on that as much as possible. So please be patient if you don't see the next installment of my story until some time next month.

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