Today, I went to the parade that's held for St. Patrick's Day in Rochester. I live pretty close to where the parade started so all I had to do was walk down there. It's my first time attending.

Overall, not too bad. The kids got candy and other souvenirs that the floats were giving out but the people who really showed up were the ones there to drink. Just about every pub was open and giving special deals. I myself don't drink (plus, I had no money) so I just enjoyed the parade.

One thing though. I'm used to my hometown parades which are usually over within a half hour. Not this one. It went on for over two hours and people around me and myself kept wondering when it was going to end. It was a nice day for mid-March but after a few hours of standing around, in the shade no less, I began getting chills and had to call it quits before the end.

I've taken pictures of the parade as well. They are posted in their gallery. They were taken with my camera phone so the quality may not be as good as with a traditional digital camera. However, they did come out better than I thought they would. Enjoy!

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