Since moving into my new office at work I've been listening to the radio more often. While surfing through the channels I came across a radio show called Opie and Anthony. They are a morning talk show that specializes in saying things that are controversial, but in their words it's called "shocking." Hence they are labeled with the term, "Shock Jocks."

I like this show. I don’t agree with everything that these two say but it's funny and enjoyable to hear these two, and their guests, rant about everything that happens in the news and everyday life. It's a different and welcome spin on reporting things that regular shows and the news would definitely shy away from.

Some people would say that the Opie and Anthony show is a waste of time and contributes to the lowering standards of society. Some of those people may be right. However, I believe that shows like Opie and Anthony are very important to society. Basically, it keeps things from becoming routine by shaking up the system a bit. By being "shocking" they get people's notice and cause conversation on how far people can go or say in the media. It pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable in the system rather than conforming to them and letting things stagnate. It would get very boring very fast if all radio/TV/Internet shows were all soft talking and politically correct with basically the same opinion throughout them all.

If anyone has read Brave New World then you should know what I mean. In that book, humanity had pretty much ceased to evolve and was only a few decades away from becoming unemotional robots. I don't think that’s the type of future that we want ourselves to become.

So I applaud Opie and Anthony for making things more interesting in my daily grind and through the country. If you feel the urge to listen to them then by all means go for it. As they say in their opening, "These are words. If you don't like them, turn the dial."

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