Last night the company had a golf outing. We go on these every few months and they are very fun. We generally have to have large groups go together but we play a best ball system. That’s where each person hits the ball in the same spot and the person who’s ball has the best position to the hole is the one that gets used. It keeps the game moving surprisingly fast even with large groups.

The course we where on was St. John’s Fisher. It have very narrow lanes and is surrounded by trees. That equals to a lot of lost balls. It didn’t help that it’s getting darker much more quickly in the evening. It was almost pitch black by the time my group finished and we were tracking our balls by sound rather than by site. A tough course indeed.

It didn’t help that my slice came back with a vengeance. In our earlier outings I had straightened out my shot and was getting some nice distance. This time I nearly hit a group behind us because my ball curved right in the adjacent lane. Luckily, my short game was much better and I even sank some long puts to finish up the hole for my group. We ended up four over par on our card.

We then did the obligatory bar scene. The company was even nice enough to cover the dinner charge! We socialized and had fun though it ended up a late night.

Overall, nice outing and hope we are able to do more next season.

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