My parents and I went to Hamlin State Park for the Labor Day weekend. It was a nice place and had several beaches alongside Lake Ontario. We didn't go swimming though since the water looked dirty. We just walked on the sidewalks and took pictures. We "camped" in my dad's RV and had a fire every night along with all sorts of food to cook. Most of the time though we just relaxed.

We also went to Darien Lake for a day. I was able to get on most of the rides that I wanted to but there are a few that I'll have to get on for next time. While on the Viper, I noticed that there was a putting green so we decided to give that a try too. Miniature golf under a roller coaster is a loud experience.

We even were able to watch a movie. We saw Tropic Thunder and it was about what I expected. Stupid but humorous. What caught me by surprise were the previews before the movie. You’ll have to see it to know what I mean.

Overall, very nice vacation. Wouldn’t mind doing it again. My dad plans to go to Salamanca next.

Also check out our pictures in the gallery.

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